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the poetic sound:
audio art, music, and poetry

This catalog lists artists in the Book of Voices who are recognized for using audio art and/or music with their performance poetry. Their techniques beyond the text may include, but are not limited to: creating ambient audio in-studio to accompany a spoken poem; performing and/or arranging original music as back-up to a spoken word performance; regularly performing poetry with music on stage; and using musical styles, such as hip hop and rap, that include spoken word as an accepted part of a pop music form.

Brown, Ezekiel
poetry and music, published 16-Aug-2001

Cárdenas, Brenda
special feature in the Book of Voices, published 26-Apr-2002

Davis, John Paul
audiopoetry, published 6-Mar-2004

Esguerra, Marlon
audiopoetry recorded July 2000

Example: None
the "poke art" of Kate Anderson and Steve Seddon in a special feature of the Book of Voices, published 13-Apr-2000

Fammerée, Richard
musical poetry from the book "Lessons of Water and Thirst", printed 2001

Ferrier, Ian
audiopoetry from the spoken word album and book "Exploding Head Man"; November 2000

Foreman, Kent
audiopoetry and video documentation

Haley, Heather
audiopoetry soundtracks, published 30-June-2004

Jess, Tyehimba
special audiopoetry feature in the Book of Voices, published 9-May-2000

Karasick, Adeena
audio poetry soundtracks

Karimi, Robert
audio poetry soundtracks, published 4-Jun-2004

Keane, Jayne Fenton
audio poetry soundtracks

Lansana, Quraysh Ali
poetry soundtracks and recorded recital at the Harold Washington Public Library, Chicago

Nelson, Paul
audio poetry soundtracks

Newman, Charlie
poetry tracks, published 17 April 2008

Perkins, Chuck
special Book of Voices chapter, 3-Dec-2004

Rodriguez, Luis
spoken word and poetry tracks, recorded in 2000

Salach, Cin
audio poetry soundtracks

Sheeler, Jackie
performance poetry studio recordings, 4-Sep-2003

Smith, Patricia
special audiopoetry feature in the Book of Voices, published 13-Aug-1999

Tindall, J.J.
audiopoetry soundtracks with Quoil, posted 6-Dec-2004

weiss, ruth
special audiopoetry feature in the Book of Voices, published spring 2003

Wilson, Sheri-D
special audiopoetry feature in the Book of Voices, published in 2001