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e-poets.net continues with our artist catalog project. Any given artist may belong to any number of constituent cultures. Cultures may be based upon anthropological terms, such as ethnicity, gender identity/preference, primary language, or place of residence. Cultures may also be defined by more subjective but equally significant terms such as philosophy, religion, or aesthetics. We offer these catalogs as an aid to study, and to cultivate dialogue among the cultures we will highlight as the Book of Voices grows.

the Chicago voice

jazz in words

catalogs added 30 October 2008

Our fifth and sixth culture-based catalogs celebrate the breadth of Chicago's spoken word artists, and the influences of contemporary and traditional jazz in poetry. e-poets.net proudly offers jazz in words and the Chicago voice. There is some overlap between these collections because, certainly, Chicago is a jazz city. But there are also surprising divergences in both catalogs. You may find yourself shifting your own notions of what defines "Chicago," and how some poets draw inspiration from the West's most improvisational music.

current catalogs:

the Chicago voice
Chicago poetry in its fullest aural representation on the web

jazz in words
a view into the dialogue between jazz and spoken word

of Africa
living traditions and new explorations in African-American spoken word

of Canada
fresh directions in Canadian audiopoetry

pride you can hear
the spoken word and poetry of (and relating to) lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered culture

the poetic sound: audio art, music, and poetry
poetry and spoken word with an aural aesthetic, using music and/or audio art