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of Africa

The spoken word heritage and traditions of Africa live on today, well after the Diaspora into the Americas. This index celebrates Africa as heard in the Book of Voices: the stories and poetry, the musicality of language, and the diverse, creative lives in progress. Listen as each explores with pride the living significance of African heritage.

Betts, Tara
special feature in the Book of Voices, published 20-Jun-2000

Brown, Ezekiel
poetry and music, published 16-Aug-2001

Foreman, Kent
audiopoetry and video documentation

Lansana, Quraysh Ali
poetry soundtracks and recorded recital at the Harold Washington Public Library, Chicago

McCray, Maria
performance recordings from Café Aloha series, Chicago; Mar-2002

Perkins, Chuck
Book of Voices chapter, published 3-Dec-2004

Smith, Patricia
special audiopoetry feature in the Book of Voices, published 13-Aug-1999

Tuggle, Billy, a.k.a. Karma Threesixty
audiopoetry soundtracks and live performance documentation, posted 7-Sep-2005

Vertreace, Martha
6-May-1999, salon with Northwest Spokenword Lab