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Billy Tuggle


Billy Tuggle

Billy Tuggle a.k.a Karma Threesixty is a HipHop writer, performer and cultural activist. As a member of PolyRhythmic and the Mental Graffiti collective, Billy co-hosts two of Chicago's most popular performance open mic events and has featured at poetry slams and readings across North America. He is a two-time competitor in the National Poetry Slam and appeared in New Film Productions Urban Poet [2003]. Billy's collection of poems Conscience Under Pressure is published by Fractal Edge Press and soon he will release and album on Motion Pictures Recordings.

Audition Billy Tuggle's poetry. These tracks were recorded in February 2005 at Mental Graffiti, during one of the last such shows at Big Horse, Wicker Park, Chicago.

The Invocation
Bush Doctor
Concrete Lion

The following tracks were recorded in 2002, as part of Tuggle's Karmadelic Tracks CD, engineered by Riot One, and written and performed by Billy Tuggle for Threehundredsixty Degrees and Rising.

Chasing the Dancer
10:00 News
Rough Draft
Subway Connection

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- September 2005