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To browse the Book of Voices, you should have an up-to-date web browser, but most functions here can be easily handled by web browsers from 2010 and even earlier. Many videos in the e-poets Videotheque are particularly good examples of this, but some pages similarly will reward the viewer similarly.

audio technologies:
More recent additions to the audio library are in MPEG-4/audio (file type "m4a"), as well as MP3 audio. Older audio resources on e-poets.net are accessible through RealPlayer from Real Networks. A handful of legacy audio files are playable with the Quicktime player from Apple Computer.

video technologies:
For best viewing of the video content, you should have a broadband connection to the Internet. Most videos are available in Standard Definition, and a handful are available in High Definition. Alternative (smaller, lower-bandwidth) renditions have been provided in most cases. Video is typically in MPEG-4 and Windows Media Video. RealVideo has been effectively retired from this web site.

web technologies:
This site uses CSS, JavaScript, and some HTML5. The web site was designed with computer-based viewing in mind (i.e. display on a laptop or desktop computer), but mobile devices should display most of the website intact. e-poets.net has been viewed successfully on Windows and Macintosh computers, on tablets running iOS and Android, and even on Internet-connected BluRay players and television sets. With that understood, larger displays will give the viewer a better experience. Please choose a web browser that is capable, stable, and up-to-date.