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Martha Vertreace

Martha Vertreace is a well-published poet and educator who lives in Chicago, but who was raised in Washington, D.C. "Second House from the Corner" (Kennedy-King College Press) is but one of her ten books currently in print (as of this writing, October 1999). Vertreace's poetry has appeared in ELF (Eclectic Literary Forum) and Kalliope. Her poem "Caged Stone", which appeared in River Oak Review (published in Oak Park, IL) earned her and the journal a special Literary Award from the Illinois Arts Council in 1997.

Vertreace has been featured on WGLT "Poetry Radio" (Illinois State University). She is on the faculty of the City Colleges of Chicago. She has made frequent treks from Chicago to Scotland and Ireland to present her work, edit her poetry with publishers, and to write.

Audition Martha Vertreace's poetry, here recorded for a 6 May 1999 link from Chicago to the Northwest Spokenword Lab, Seattle:

Callie Emma
Mother-in-law's Tongue
The First Morning