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Marlon Esguerra

Marlon is a multi-artist involved with new media, music (as a DJ under the pseudonym "DJ Yellow Fist"), poetry, and performance. He, with his wife Anida, is a founding member of the ensemble I Was Born with Two Tongues. The Tongues' work addresses pan-Asian issues in America with a voice drawn directly from American hip-hop. At once foreign and American, the poetry is an anthem of racial issues not de-railed but re-railed onto multiple tracks, away from the strict white/black polarity that prevailed through much of American cultural history through the 20th Century.

Marlon Esguerra's literature comes from a mixed heritage of American and Filipino/Pacific Asian roots. It challenges existing myths about community and place, particularly with regard to Esguerra's hometown of Chicago, that have held sway over American writing since the Modern social commentary of Carl Sandburg and Nelson Algren.

Esguerra was a member of the 2000 Mad Bar national Slam team. The following tracks were recorded for the team's audio disc, which was produced through Mental Graffiti.

An Open Letter to Mrs. Esguerra
Recorded July 2000
Recorded July 2000.
Three Minutes for the Dead Revolutionaries
Recorded July 2000.