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Jayne Fenton Keane

As a performance poet and media artist, Jayne Fenton Keane travels across more than aesthetic boundaries. She is a resident of Australia's Gold Coast, in Queensland. Her tours to the USA and Canada in 1999 brought her in contact with many media poetry peers and earned her a niche in Chicago's performance poetry community.

Keane produces Flash animation poetry for online reading; writes, choreographs, and performs her work for stage; and collaborates with others in audiopoetry productions. She is widely published in Australia. Her work has been broadcast on radio and television, both nationally and internationally. She has received several arts grants, was a Varuna Writers Fellowship recipient, and has featured at State, National and International poetry festivals. She is also editor for the media poetry website Poet in Residence.

Keane's work often stands at that delicate overlap in feminism between making a political point and retaining what's feminine. Similarly, she purposefully navigates between making art for art's sake and being merely entertaining. Her writing functions in consort with her audio compositions and a lyrical performance with a technique that seems Chicago-spun, but is in fact home-grown and (apparently) quite unusual for Australia. To access all these points, she often casts the work in the mind, where dogma, fear, attraction, and all corners of the psyche are equally immediate.

In 2002, Keane produced a new poetry website called Slamming the Sonnet as part of her graduate studies in literature. Keane's thesis explored the diverse historical and cultural predicates for performing poetry, and set a benchmark on its own terms for the presentation and curation of spoken word online.

Audition Jayne Fenton Keane's audiopoetry by clicking on a title. The following tracks are from her poetry CD, "The Stalking Tongue", released in 1999:

Precognition IVF