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Ian Ferrier


Ian Ferrier

Ian Ferrier is a Montréal performance poet and musician whose work traverses textual, spoken, and musical poetries. He appears on stage, CBC radio, and in poetry video (Letters from the Ice Age, 2000), and is well known throughout Canada, and in Quebec in particular. He is the guiding force behind Planète rebelle and Wired on Words, two Quebec enterprises set on publishing and presenting performance poetry to the fullest extent.

The following audio pieces are excerpted from "Exploding Head Man", a collection of his poetry published in text as a softcover book with performances of the texts recorded on an audio CD nestled inside the back sleeve, published in 2000:

exploding head man
hey you old man
I am the one
letters from the ice age

Accompanying Ian Ferrier on the above tracks are guitarist and composer Sam Shalabi; bassist André Asselin; percussionist Jay Scodnick; tabla player will Eizlini; and Catherine Kidd, spoken word vocalist on I am the one. (The tracks are presented here with the permission of Ian Ferrier.)

Readers may pursue online the further exploits of Planète rebelle (in French) and Wired on Words (in English).