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Heather Haley

Heather Haley
Heather Haley
(photo by Forrest Phillips)

Architect of the Edgewise ElectroLit Centre and the Vancouver Videopoem Festival, author and media poet, Heather Haley, pushes boundaries by creating across genres. Her videopoem, "Dying For the Pleasure", premiered at Pacific Cinémathèque in 2003. "Sideways", a collection of verse published by Anvil Press, debuted last year as well. In 2003-04, she teamed with guitarist, sound designer and DJ Roderick Shoolbraid to produce a series of live shows, plus an audio CD of poetry and music called "Surfing Season." Samples of that disc are featured below.

Haley is an accomplished performer, singing and writing songs for a series of groups, including the .45s with Randy Rampage and HHZ, (Heather Haley & the Zellots) praised by music critic Craig Lee and selected as one of Ten Great LA Bands. She has appeared at the Vancouver Public Library, Kootenay School of Writing, Word on the Street Festival, Thundering Word Heard, and Bravo Art Channel's Book Television. Her magazine, Rattler, a critically acclaimed multimedia arts and literary journal. Her written work has appeared in other numerous North American publications, as well as online at, Bard's Ink, the University of Manitoba's e-zine, and Treeline. Haley is also a Charter Member of the e-poets network. Further reading on her is available through her website, and in e-poets' Plain Text section.

Audition Heather Haley's poetry. The collection below is from "Surfing Season" (2004), featuring original poetry by Heather Haley, with the additional talents of Alexandra Oliver (voice) and Roderick Shoolbraid (musical treatments, voice, recording).

Where Sins are More Sinful
Uranium Town
Sum of the Parts
Valentine's Day
Shanghai Near Chinatown
When the Earth was Flat
The Hollywood Sign
God's Country
Song of the Shirt
Sara's Svengali
If Wishes Had Bones
Long Road

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- June 2004