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Adeena Karasick

Adeena Karasick is a Canadian performance poet whose language poetry leaps into the post-modern fray with much energy, wit, and charisma. She explores the interplay of poetics and theoretic discourses and is dedicated to language-centered and gender concerns. She has published articles, reviews, and dialogues, and has performed extensively across Canada, Europe, South Asia, and the United States. Her books in print include "The Empress Has No Closure" (1992, Talonbooks, Vancouver), "Mêmewars" (1995, Talonbooks), and "genrecide" (1996, Talonbooks).

Karasick also appears in a special Book of Voices feature based on the African journals of Jill Battson, as Battson's travel companion in Africa. You may click directly into Karasick's world through her personal website.

The following audio pieces were recorded at the loft of Kedrick James, Vancouver, in November 2000:

The Arugula Fugues