The Suburbanite Dream

I wish I had an executive husband
a cute little house with
white picket fence
2.3 children and a dog named Spot.

I wish I had suburbanite cellulite
dripping from my thighs
to scoop up with silver spoons
and ladel over my fresh green lawn
of which i"m too lazy to rake
hiring intensely trained workers
to blow the leaves away with
high-powered complex blowers.

I wish I had four BMW's
one for each side of my
two-car garage
two for the outer driveway
so that each morning the neighbors
would wonder, just wonder
which car I might drive next.

I wish I had forty dead animals
to lie dormant across my back
around my arms
down to my ankles to
cover up my too much tennis game
and aerobics class knees.

I wish I had an incredibly
expensive redecorated kitchen
with centered chopping block
and Julia Child cook
so I could fix an artificial meal
for my artificial family.

I wish I had endless amounts of money
to throw around at objects
I'll never use
look expensive in my house
with white picket fence
executive husband
2.3 children
and dog named Spot.

- Shelley Nation