Cream Dog

finger city gritty on the ground
bloodshed mamba mama twirlin' the streets
gonna pound her fist to the light
switchin' colors stayin' true
to her blue latex dreams
breathin' down her neck-smells of
tomorrow's beer-beginin, early this year
two two two steppin' to tragedy
philosophy flew out the window last night
in a dream
caught in a sack
I'll sell it for a breeze
wrap me up in silken flowers
give back my dream
sew the seams together tight
make her bleed with violent kisses
tell the tattoo man to take a ride
to my side of town
build a bridge on my behind
a balcony on my breast
seat the people for the show
make suffocation relaxation
fornication duplication
take me to the train station
deliberation is my game
I'm a hip hoppin' happenin' dude
with far-out lips and a real crude do
hips that never say ever-loving to you

take a freefall chance
at loving life away
take a freefall chance
at loving life away
squeezing sense into slip-sliding
eazing in so gently
swaying hip-joints
bopping bursting energy
dazzling jitters of horizontal time
embellishing rhythms with side-long glances
dances of hypnotic chaos
jostling his Joe-man thing
he said to me "hey this everlasting
love-thing shines in my eyes
makes me blind
can't see behind me
gonna trip on my love cord
she's got swingin' 'tween her legs
don't lose it-lose the step
he's walkin' it quick now
shake down her movement
gelatin baby swayin' slippin'
through this tired out groove
provin' to me how wild your move can be,
cream dog"

- Shelley Nation