Better bring back the wash bucket
fill it with some of that
black-speckled rain water
wash some grease from faded blonde
ash colored hair
feel the disease taking over
and dump the baby into the abyss
Throw the rattlers into oblivion
set your sights on blood-stained sheets
taste the anger broken skin feels
when left to lie dormant
Better bring back the senseless sobriety
pour it into tinted wine glasses
get high on the aroma
that sets your head reeling
Feel its spirit concoct new images
like the satin skirts
that sway with your hips
and let your lips feel the grit
Better bring back the thumping heart
pounding out mambo beats
of a traveler's dream
that scouts the landscape
of mideval times
but still wants to create a new era
give wisdom to a new generation
without tripping on the umbilical cord
with each step
Better bring back the twisted child
wanting to taste the thoughts of idiots
breathe the air of genius
falsify a name to call his own
and create a mirage to live in
let it be called a miracle.

- Shelley Nation