Mother Noose

A tisket a tasket a basket full
of broken bones and blistered skin
London Bridges falling down on
Rickey’s head giving him a black eye
thirteen stitches below his lip
and a fractured collar bone to boot
Mary had a little lamb that she beat to death
putting it to bed trying to emulate
her mother’s actions-
it wouldn’t follow her to school that day
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater had a child
and couldn’t keep her
so he put her in a plastic bag
shoved her in a garbage can and
kept her very still
Red Rover, Red Rover let Daniel come over
so he won’t have to see his father
beat his mother senseless because she
gave him a look he didn’t quite like
Mary Mary quite contrary to the fact
that her child starves to death while she
picks up a six-pack of cool beer to consume
with her boyfriend in the back
Cross patch, draw the latch
across the closet door ‘cause mommy
couldn’t afford a babysitter today
let Sammy go aflame
became a bunch of ashes
dust to dust
Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack
all dressed in black black black
lay them to rest

- Shelley Nation