The Dark Dance

Danny danced in the darkness
adorned with black clothes
'neath a black light became
a face shrouded in mystery
hands groping for the music
mouth gaping for the lyrics
eyes bulging for the melody
wants to see it on the page
but the darkness beat him to it
and his feet forgot to move one day
forgot the steps to the dark dance
and Danny became a shadow
of pink and blue pastel
floating along
the streets of the city
but the feet never move.

The feet never move
the feet never move
and I taught them all the steps
and I showed them all the turns
and modelled very carefully
the way the dance is done
but they stay in the same
still stance as before
never flinching
never flapping
simply sitting there
could it be
that they've unlearned it?
all the knowledge I have shared
so diligently
so meticulously
so persistently?
could it be?
could my words become unravelled
my thoughts in them disheveled
my modelling erased
without their knowing
I bled as I put those feet on mine
as I walked them through the moves
as I hopped in time
did a jig in fastest tempo
walzed through perilous pirouets
and jackknifed in the air
I bled with every step
and now the feet have stopped.

- Shelley Nation