Maniac Musician

Do you wanna fuck with me?
You wanna fuck with me man?
Say you wanna hear some
jumpin' jazz
some cool cats slammin'
out beats of rippin' melody?
But don't fuck with me man
wired on an evenin' of
scotch and sodas
twist of lime
The philosophy of the blues
see I know my blues
I'm a deep rhythm blues lady
I know my blues
what makes my soul bleed
but don't fuck with me man
don't tell me what's on
see I know
know my Howlin', Terry,
Sonny Boy Williamson
But don't fuck with me man
I know a place where the jazz
runs all night
where hip guys like me
can call out tines
for the piano man to play
I know his way
See I'm a music man too
I could play with the best
if I wished
if I wanted
to play the licks
I could do that-
So don't fuck with me
I'll mess with your mind
I could cut the throat of
common sense
spread my bliss
without missin' a beat
I can drown you out.

- Shelley Nation