One Foot On The Floor

He stood in my cellar

He stood in my basement

He stood in my kitchen

and whispered in my ear

of shadows on the wall

that resembled fantasies

he’d had

and we danced with

one foot on the floor

and we swayed to our heartbeats

‘til the tempo was undanceable

and then began swaying

with no feet on the floor

creating our own shadows

on the wall

resembling fantasies I’d had

We swayed with the leaves of the trees

with the waters of the streams

with the visions of my dreams

and once again we swayed

with one foot on the floor

He gave me the world

Yes he gave me a stage

and said

All the world’s a stage

so all the stage is your world

take your stage and

make a one woman show

play all the lives of

all the people on your word

and I looked at him and smiled

as I placed one bare foot on the stage

and invited him to dance with me

with one foot on my world

- Shelley Nation