Sonnet for Thunder Lovers and Primary Colors

(When Sweet Nothings Just Don't Cut It)

You're more than soda fizz, than sparklers lit
for kids at play, than fireflies' flit in sky.
You spin around my heart and up my thigh
with the whistle and boom of a bottle rocket.
Baby, those other jugglers' gigolo tricks --
magician's spell and mime's unspoken sigh --
don't turn my head, don't catch my ear or eye,
but your mercury rolls in my hip pocket.

Some women like the subtle hints, require
a pastel touch, a whispered cry and blush,
but not me; I am all hyperbole.
Your howls of red, your strokes of gren sapphire,
your cayenne kiss, serrano pepper rush
from lip to nape of knee will do for me.

- Brenda Cárdenas