Intensidad - Ñ

from Spanish Sound Waves, a Series

El campesino rolls
his shoulder blades as he turns
from the furrows toward
the road's curve home,
Otro año, otro día, otra estación;
le ha añejado con su añojal.

~ Ñ, the yawn in mañana ~

La araña weaves her web of music,
tuning its strings while she sings
de sus compañeras obrando
en las cabañas, labrando
en los campos de caña.
She holds the high notes,
pulling filaments taut.
And when a fly's wing
touches one fiber,
everything vibrates.

~ la añagaza del balance ~

A cat's arch and curled spine
stretches into the long afternoon.
Sueña con alimañas
espiando de las montañas;
sueña con carne,
the wiry tension
of spring and pounce
on the small-boned
and the broken-winged.

~ the sneer of engaño ~

Deep heat of day rises
like a serpent from its cool tomb
entrañado beneath the sand,
leaves its tilde trace, la señal,
that loosens and fades,
one moment sliding
into centuries of terrain.

~ el diseño antiguo del futuro ~

Diamond-skinned Kukulcán,
guiñando desde el cielo,
slides past clouds over the edge
of sun at the tip of Chichén
onto a shadow of stone,
the equinox of a plumed past.

~ the slow and brilliant tilt de los anñosos ~

Coiled in mantillas pañosas,
y la rumble of streetnoise
the fire-eater waits for night
to define the sharp outlines
of sustenance --
su extrañeza y su ceño,
sus llantos oscuros de daño --
eyes squeezed tight
above the blackened rim
of his open mouth

~ Ñ, the grimace of resistance ~

~ La ñacanima y la luz ~

- Brenda Cárdenas