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Elizabeth Whitney

 Elizabeth Whitney
photo courtesy of the artist

Elizabeth Whitney is a performance artist, teacher, scholar, and writer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has toured throughout much of Canada and the United States, appearing at festivals, universities, and arts centers from coast to coast. Her expert vocal skills have also allowed her to enjoy a diverse repertoire outside her usual artistic/academic life -- delivering singing telegrams in the north Plains, solos before an Alabama church choir, and smokey jazz standards in France. These experiences and others have fueled her writing and performance. Her work has earned the support of the Puffin Foundation for the Arts and the Wisconsin Humanities Council.

Whitney's art examines role models with specific regard to gender, through a meticulous and sensitive political gaze. She considers gender programming rendered upon American children, with an interest in the consequences to them as American adults. Girlhood fantasies and hero identities, derived from commercially and/or socially constructed figures such as Barbie or Wonder Woman, are vehicles for Whitney's pointed wit.

In early 2004, Whitney joined the Mouthy ensemble, performing with Rose Tully and JT Newman of Chicago, and Jenfish Superstar of Bloomington, Indiana. The pieces in this collection were recorded for a Mouthy demo CD at the e-poets network studios, Chicago, in February 2004. Further information on Elizabeth Whitney is available online through her personal website and the Mouthy tour website.

Audition the following pieces by clicking on them:

Wonder Girl
The L Word
Lesbian Barbie Submit

- March 2004