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JT Newman

JT Newman JT Newman is a fiction writer and poet whose stage productions gave a strong boost to significant, new queer writing by and for women in Chicago, just after the turn of the millennium. Newman was the poetry and spoken word host for the seasonal but weekly revue, Dyke Mic, held at the Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago from 2001 through 2003. Her creative stewardship coalesced a community of writers who were mostly women but included gay men as well. This bridge of community crossed what was once an historical gender gap between gay and lesbian artists. In effect, Newman's curatorial work begat a continuing, ecumenical spirit of cooperation that is respectful of the separatist needs of individual community members while encouraging positive collaboration among all.

Newman's background includes close involvement with Chicago's Neo-Futurists, interdisciplinary arts study at Columbia College Chicago, and touring regionally in the USA with other LGBT poets and writers. In late 2003, she was a featured artist in postmodern burlesque revues which were, in reality, performance art shows with a somewhat retro and bawdy twang.

In early 2004, Newman joined the Mouthy ensemble, performing with Rose Tully of Chicago, Elizabeth Whitney of Milwaukee, and Jenfish Superstar of Bloomington, Indiana. The first two pieces in this collection were recorded for a Mouthy demo CD at the e-poets network studios, Chicago, in February 2004. Further information is available the Mouthy tour website.

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December's Bride
Why I Don't Go to Cubs Games

- March 2004