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Jenfish Superstar

Jenfish Superstar Jenfish Superstar (a.k.a. Jennifer Lynn Fish) is an Indiana multi-artist who paints, illustrates, writes, and performs. Her work on stage has earned her kudos around the indie/fringe theater circuit in the American Midwest. Recognized for her comedic wit, which ranges from "seen it too late to avoid it" sarcasm to delicious rant, Jenfish makes light of human sexuality, disarming her audiences with laughter as she escorts them serenely through subjects they'd otherwise regard as taboo. She is a veteran of Ladyfest, and has produced a solo show at the Waldron Center for the Arts.

In early 2004, Jenfish toured with Mouthy, a women's queer spoken word ensemble that included Rose Tully and JT Newman of Chicago, and Elizabeth Whitney of Milwaukee. The pieces in this collection were recorded at the e-poets network studios, Chicago, in February 2004. Information on Jenfish Superstar is available through her personal website.

Listen to any of Jenfish's pieces below by clicking on their titles:

First Lesson in Clarity
Smells Like Fish - Tastes Like Chicken
The Bad Good Habit

- May 2004