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Inauguration: Affirmation, Empowerment and Resistance

Woman Made Gallery Poetry Reading Series
recorded Sunday, 2017-01-15, 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.


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event participants

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As part of #writersresist, our first reading of 2017 is themed "Inauguration: Affirmation, Empowerment and Resistance." The [2016] election has plunged us into a grim new reality. Many are still in a state of shock, fear, grief and anger. As poets, we can start by speaking out in behalf of humanity and our planet, against an unprecedented threat. To stand up for human rights, social and economic justice against fascism and hate. For women, people of color, those with disabilities, for the 98% and the environment. Let's make this Sunday before the inauguration a day to give voice to our feelings about our future, to affirm all we hold dear and to empower ourselves in the face of the future.

Featured artists include:vocalist Ugochi Nwaogwugwu, poets Susanna Lang, Dipika Mukherjee, Kee Stein, Kimberly Marie Ousley, Dina Elenbogen, and Freesia McKee. In addition, activist Dr. Patricia O'Brien, on faculty at UIC school of social work, spoke after the reading to address Resistance and Radical Hope. (Dr. O'Brien's conversation and that of the audience are not included on this recording.) The event was curated by Nina Corwin, with assistance from Angela Narciso Torres.


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- published on e-poets.net February 2017