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about the Woman Made Gallery poetry library

Woman Made Gallery was among the first participants in Chicago Amplified, an initiative by WBEZ-FM, Chicago Public Radio. The project documented significant cultural events throughout the Chicago area, and presented them online as a way to augment the radio station's presence while engaging the audiences of diverse contributors. The project was in operation for about four years.

In the spring of 2013, WBEZ-FM closed its support for Chicago Amplified. Woman Made Gallery had teamed with e-poets network to deliver the recordings to the radio station. But without Chicago Amplified, the recordings had no routine place to go. After checking the legal availability of the recordings, Woman Made and e-poets network chose to bring them to the web on their own. Recordings of the Woman Made Gallery poetry series have since been added to the Book of Voices and the e-poets Videotheque. The collection will grow as new events are recorded and added to these pages, and old recordings are brought online.

The quality of the recordings is quite good, but it is absolutely exceeded by the contributions of the writers who made them possible. Woman Made Gallery continues to present and support original and critically strong writing by women. The Gallery regularly curates new events to showcase their work. e-poets network continues its dedication to the literary legacy of the Gallery's writers, giving them an audience beyond the Gallery's four walls. Together, the collaborators build a lasting library that seeds a selection of women's literature worthy of lasting study.

- December 2013