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Law and Disorder

Woman Made Gallery Poetry Reading Series
recorded Sunday, 2016-02-07, 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

event profile:
In science or nature, laws are principles that govern natural phenomenon. They imply an order to things – except for the uncertainty principle and the law of entropy, which suggest that disorder is natural or inevitable.

Human laws are created by those in authority to govern, control, regulate, or impose order. Disorder arises when laws are broken or challenged. Theoretically speaking, those who break the law are brought to "justice" by those designated to enforce order. But one needn’t look far to find instances in which the enforcers break the law, instances of injustice imposed by those in power, instances of civil unrest in the interest of a greater justice.

Presenting poets include: Patricia McMillen, Anne Harding Woodworth, Jenene Ravesloot, and Krista Franklin. Poet Jennifer Karmin collaborates with choreographer J'Sun Howard in a live combination of storytelling and dance. Kenyatta Rogers introduces one of his student poets from the Chicago High School for the Arts, while Peter Kahn presents three young poets and students from Oak Park/River Forest High School. The event is presented by Nina Corwin.


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- published on e-poets.net July 2016