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Inspired By... through the word camera

Woman Made Gallery Poetry Reading Series
recorded Sunday, 2013-09-15, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

event profile:
Paired with a gallery exhibit on photography, this reading explores the writer's relationship with sight and image.

Some poets say their written work is not about anything in particular. But other poets may operate more like photographers, focusing their "word-camera" upon news, art, or the profile of an object. This is not to say that such poems are merely literal renderings or snapshots of their subject. The "word-photographer" may editorialize as she pleases. She makes choices about how to portray or interact with her subject... how to frame the shot, the angle of view, the distance between the viewer and the object, how the image is filtered through her words... even what special effects (in this case, particular rhetoric or psychology) may apply to her imagery.

This work relates to Pablo Neruda's (and others') work in ekphrastic poems, such as a poetic focus on a current or historical moments, portraits of well-known people, and persona writing.

- program statement by Woman Made Gallery

Featured poets include: Christine Rhein, Brenda Cardenas, Dipika Mukherjee, Lana Rakhman, Marci Johnson, and Virginia Bell. The event was curated by Nina Corwin.


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- published on e-poets.net January 2014