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The Egg Money Poets

Woman Made Gallery Poetry Reading Series
recorded Sunday, 2011-11-13

event profile:
Egg Money Poets is a collective of Chicago writers, begun in 1991, with members joining as recently as 2011. Egg money is extra money, what a woman earned on her own, what allowed her a little luxury. Poetry enriches us in the same way. During our monthly meetings, we help each other explore our voices and make our poems more of what they want to be. We also look for opportunities to hear from others and to share our work with audiences. The Sow's Ear Poetry Review features our writing as a community in the Fall 2011 issue.

- program statement by The Egg Money Poets

Featured poets include: Kristin Collier, Sharon Dornberg-Lee, Suzanne Frank, Carol Gloor, Angela Just, Susanna Lang and Holly Wehmeyer. The event was curated by Nina Corwin with the cooperation of the Egg Money Poets.


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- published on e-poets.net January 2014