Mr. Music Plays a Solo
        None Too Sane

Where do you go?
Where do you go when you solo
that solo none too sane
that flugelhorn makes notes fall like rain
those sweet contortions descending
from the brain
of a Mad Hatter of sorts
so far beyond mending.
Where do you go?

Where do you go
Over misbegotten rainbows
where few can follow
Turning figures so fantastic
when you blow, it seems they'd just
flown in from Never Never Land
Fingers flying to beat the band
as you head out stratospheric
on circuitous routes
that take you through riffs
            nearly missing the mark
Hear you coaxing those quirks
            as if they were the song

Where do you go?
You've been out there so long
And I could swear you were playing
to Satan's changes there for a measure or two
Like the melody took a wrong turn
or stumbled through the rubble
of some twilight zone of deconstruction.

Where do you go
with that solo none too sane?
Is that tune you hear
a roadmap of your brain?
do you follow some cynical piper
      to the lip of the moon
            And your solo
With its orbit so eliptical
it might never get back
      to the starting refrain
Where do you go?

But we'll keep the beat for you, brother
Like a landing pad,
      those sweet same changes
            till they bring you home
Like the way your momma sang
      those lilting lullabyes
to a bedtime sky.
And listen for the honeymoon in the chorus
where melody and baseline coincide
till they mingle with the cymbals
      in the rhythm of a hellified coitus.

Where do you go?
I want to hear what you hear,
            trumpet player
See what you see
Can you take me with you, Mad Hatter
Can I bring you on home?

- Nina Corwin

Mr. Music Plays a Solo None Too Sane is from Corwin's Conversations with Friendly Demons and Tainted Saints