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Jason Schupp

Jason Schupp Jason Schupp has stumped the occasional open mic, and has featured at Grinder, Chicago's premiere venue for queer words and music, and at the poetry event Pink Champagne at High Risk Gallery. A proponent of independent content and publishing on the Web, Schupp keeps his notes in plain view through his web log ("blog") at Somnolent.org. His background is and remains new media design, with experience in television and web production. Schupp was also a student of fellow Chicago author Maureen Seaton.

Schupp's process often assembles a collage of post modern experiences onto structures borrowed from classic literary forms, or onto improvised structures that lend themselves to the subject through selective repetition. The effect ranges from nonchalant to formal, and sometimes gives the reader/listener the vague feeling that a venerated, classic poetic form has been violated. Instead, Schupp has simply appropriated it for more contemporary and relevant subjects. While Schupp's work is also out (in the queer sense), it isn't driven to be so by dogma. His subjects roam through all experiences of life as easily as they amble through classic and contemporary poetic structures.

Esther Asked Me How My Weekend Was
A Failed Date Pantoum
recorded live at Grinder, January 2002.
If Fibonacci Returned, Saying "Never Mind"
If You Really
Merry Christmas, or Else
Should the Revolution Come

- March 2002