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Larry Janowski


Larry Janowski
Larry Janowski

Larry Janowski is warmly received in the many workshops, reading series, and literary events he attends across Chicago, whether or not he's a featured artist. While he is a practicing Franciscan friar, he may be one of Chicago's most ecumenical poets.

Janowski's recent volume, BrotherKeeper (Puddin'head Press, 2007), was cited by fellow Chicago author Alex Kotlowitz as, "filled with the raw, pulsing power of his city." The book has earned its author a loyal following.

Janowski is the son of a South Side used car dealer. His roots are deep in Chicago, where he was born. Janowski's professional writing career began in journalism. He holds an MFA in fiction from Vermont College, a BA from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and an MA in theology from Aquinas Institute, St. Louis. His poetry appears regularly in After Hours: a Journal of Chicago Writing and Art, and is also seen in other journals in the Chicago region, such as Court Green, TriQuarterly, Rhino, and Spoon River Poetry Review. He currently teaches English as an adjunct professor at Dominican University.

The poems below are encoded for both Real Player and MPEG-4/AAC. They were recorded at the monthly reading at Molly Malone's pub, Forest Park, Illinois, hosted by Al DeGenova and Nina Corwin, on Monday, 14 May 2007.

Cigar Boxes: Real | AAC
Incantation: Real | AAC
Pathetic Fallacy: Real | AAC

- March 2008