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Norman Porter, alias J.J. Jameson

The content below was posted originally in March 2002, before news emerged that Norman Porter, alias J.J. Jameson, was wanted for skipping jail in Massachusetts after murder conviction. If you have come to this page directly, please read the introduction before continuing here.

Jameson is a New Englander by birth, a progressive by politics, labor activist by ethical necessity, and a working man by trade. A student of the manuscripts of the American Revolution with particular interests in Thom Payne, he has been an advocate of labor rights having appeared on Pacifica Radio and on Chicago cable television's "Labor Beat" program. Jameson is a frequent figure at Chicago's College of Complexes, an open forum on politics and progressive thought with a tradition extending back to the 1950s.

Jameson is an occasional poetry MC in Chicago and a frequent guest at many poetry open mikes around the city. He published his first chapbook of poetry, "Lady Rutherford's Cauliflower", in September, 1999. It has enjoyed considerable popularity and has gone into multiple printings.

Audition Jameson's poems, performed for the "Love and Lust in North America" program in February 1999 at the NeoFuturarium. To listen, click on a title:

Thoreau's Grave
The Woes of a Shaeffer Fountain Pen
Flowers, Ornamental and Edible
(or "Every Poem Doesn't Have to Be a Love Poem")