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Ken Hunt

Ken Hunt Ken Hunt has been a journalist, a teacher, an occasional cat-sitter, and a resident of (in order) Seattle, Austin, Madison, Albuquerque, Olympia, and Boston. He has published four books of poetry and, in Chicago, has been a featured poet for the Feast of Fools Cabaret and Homolatté. He now lives in Chicago teaching English as a second language, publicizing the online literary journal Blithe House Quarterly (www.blithe.com). A frequenter of fringe music stages in Chicago, Hunt performs in the spazz-noise band Unplanned Pregnancy.

The following clips were recorded on 2 May 2004 at e-poets.net studios, Chicago:

Anne Frank
captivity of circumstance and Anne Frank as metaphor
I Drew the Body
memento mori in Oklahoma City, and tourism after terrorism
coping with the psychological effects of being tested for HIV
The Architecture of Distance
Wanderlust Prayer

- May 2004