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Welcome to the Book of Voices

The Book of Voices is e-poets' new media library of poetry in spoken word, performance, and text. It's a portal into aural poetry culture gathered from some of the more interesting voices of our day, with readings from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. If it's spoken or watched and we keep it online at e-poets.net, we've catalogued it here.

Artists catalog

This is the comprehensive list of all artists who have streaming media archived on e-poets.net. Over 50 artists are listed alphabetically by surname, and most artists have multiple recordings.

Special chapters

A collection of special chapters is broken out into a separate list of links. These chapters provide in-depth features on a given artist or a group of artists, as portraits into their lives. Chapters contain multiple samples of streaming media to audition, and typically include the original texts of the poetry.

Catalogs by culture

A recent and evolving addition to the Book of Voices, where work is indexed by shared culture. Listen and investigate the commonalities and diversities of spoken word among artists sharing heritage, geography, gender, or philosophy.