Dwight Okita

Dwight Okita is recognized as a leading figure in Chicago's multidisciplinary poetry, having written poetry for traditional publishing, for stage, and for video. His "Crossing with the Light" was one of the first full poetry videos ever produced in Chicago, and helped set a benchmark for the form's development early on. The poem lends its title to Okita's book from Tia Chucha Press.

Okita's diverse work has been published in Riksha magazine (monologue, "Richard Speck"); the Off the Rocks anthology chapbook (New Town Writers, 1982); "Breaking Silence: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Poetry", edited by Joseph Bruchac (poetry, Greenfield Review Press); and in the seventh Norton Introduction to Poetry (edited by J. Paul Hunter, University of Chicago). He has served on the board of Bailiwick Theatre, Chicago. Okita's homepage is at dwightland.homestead.com.

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